"The 365 Power Up Event Series is an independent, locally-run and locally-organized free event series focused on sharing experience, knowledge and networking related to the Dynamics 365/Power Platform. 365 Power Up Events follow guidelines and best practices outlined by the 365 Power Up Events board and regional leads.”

The 365 Power Platform series is an open, cooperative community with events organzied by those looking to share ideas and experiences.  Our intention is this organization remains a loose cooperative with voluntary participation rather than an established corporation with strict rules.  However, the organizing team would like to present some core values and expectations for 365 Power Up Events:
  • Events are free of charge for attendess - organizers may pay out of pocket or secure sponsorship, but these events should remain free for attendees.
  • Attendee personal information will not be shared - we will not share nor sell attendee personal information to sposors or other parties.
  • Open communication between organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees - open communication is key to running a successful event and demonstrates respect for everyone involved.
  • Event organizers will make their event finances public - organizers that secure sponsorship funds should make the expenditures public.
  • Organizers will share some attendee numbers with Microsoft and event sponsors - while no personal details will be shared, we would like to share some attendance information with Microsoft and event sponsors. For example, the number of attendees, the topics covered, and event feedback.
  • Session content should remain the property of speakers - speakers may choose to share their presentations but they should retain all rights to their content.
  • Event organizers should provide clear speaker, sponsor, and attendee codes of conduct - events are meant to be casual and fun, but events fall under the shared 365 Power Up banner, so we expect professional and courteous behavior by all attendees.
  • Sharing with the community - organizing and speaking at these events can be a lot of work, so please share - ideas, best practices, pitfalls to avoid, or even time and resource, please share with organizers, speakers, and atetndees!
If you should have any questions or suggestions about these guidelines, please drop us an email at info@365powerup.com or reach out via our Contact Us page!