Organize your own event!

If you are interested in planning your own event, please reach out to the organizers via the Contact Us page and we can coordinate. We are actively working on event management tools for the portal but in the meantime, we will work with organziers to setup and organize you local events.

Documents and Downloads

In the section below, you will find documents made available by the 365 Power Up Event team.  This includes our draft Charter for review and feedback. We also list documents and templates as guidance for event organizders, such as managing sponsors, working with speakers, and securing an event venue.

We will update and add new documents as we receive feedback from attendees, organizers, and sponsors. If you would like to contribute documents or templates of your own, contact the 365 Power Up team.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out via our Contact Us page!
  • Guidelines

    • Power Up Charter - Draft

      Initial Draft of the Power Up Charter
      We've heard much discussion recently around D365 and PowerPlatform community events. The discussion has been excellent and many are excited to share experiences and ideas for staging successful events.

      Jim Novak, Nick Julie Yack, Demian Raschkovan, Matt Wittemann, and Mark Christie have drafted a charter for a new community driven event series we are calling 365 Power Up.

      We are excited to be moving forward with this and will be posting more information soon.  You may also download here:  Power Up Charter 
  • Media

    • Power Up Logo - Circle.png

      Power Up Logo - Circle
      Circle design for the 365 Power Up Logo  
    • Power Up Logo

      Power Up Logo, 800x300 px, transparent background
      Standard 365 Power Up logo for social media and other advertising
  • Templates

    • Sponsor-Advert-Slides.pptx

      Sample Sponsor Pack slide deck
      This template is an example of a Sponsor pack that organizers can send to prospective sponsors in the form of an informative slide deck.
    • 365 Power Up Event Media Template.pptx

      365 Power Up Event Media Template
      This template can be used to display some information about your event and sponsors.  You can replace the city image with one of your location, or another that suits your needs.  The font required is included in the notes! 
    • 365-PowerUp-Session-Template.potx

      365 Power Up Session Template
      This is a simple Power Point slide deck template for speakers and other presenters.  Be sure to include a slide to thank your sponsors! 
    • 365 Power Up - sponsorship.docx

      Sample Sponsor Pack
      This template is an example of a Sponsor pack that organizers can send to prospective sponsors in the form of a Word Document, including a Sponsor submission form.
    • Event Budget Sheet - 2019.xlsx

      Event Budget Sheet - 2019
      This is a template budget sheet that 365 Power Up event organizers may use for their events.  We strongly suggest that anyone planning an event should do an exercise like this so they get an idea of costs involved.  
    • Sample - Code of Conduct for Event Participants.docx

      Sample - Code of Conduct for Event Participants.docx
      This sample document provides an effective example of a code of conduct that for event attendees and speakers.